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Monday, January 26, 2015

Lexmark X364dn Printer and Toner Cartridge

Lexmark X364dn output quality is nowhere near as impressive as its speed, but it's more than acceptable. Text quality is a touch below par for a monochrome laser while still being good enough for almost any business use. More than half the fonts in our text tests needed to be as big as 8 points to qualify as both easily readable and well formed, but all the fonts qualified at sizes larger than 8 points—including heavily stylized fonts with thick strokes that most printers have trouble with—and almost half qualified at 5 points. Unless you have an unusual need for small font sizes, you shouldn't have any complaints about the text. Graphics output is typical for a monochrome laser, falling at the high end of a relatively small range, along with most of the competition. The graphics are easily good enough for any internal business use, but they don't have the quality I'd want if I were trying to impress someone with my professionalism. The two most important issues I saw were a tendency to lose thin lines—a common problem with any printer—and a tendency for some gradients to look almost like smudges, instead of showing as a gradual change of shading. Photo quality was also typical for a monochrome laser—good enough for printing recognizable photos as part of Web pages or a client newsletter. As with most mono lasers, the quality is roughly equivalent to what you'd expect from a black-and-white photo in a newspaper. 

Lexmark X364dn Printer
Lexmark X364dn uses X264H11G or X264H21G Toners. At toner, you can purchase a X264H11G or X264H21G for only $89.50 each. If you want to save more, you can purchase the 3 pack of LEX264 toners for only $263.50. Cartridges at are made by the third party factories and are carefully examined to make sure their quality is as good as the OEM cartridges. Please visit our website for more details at or contact us by phone at 1-888-515-8118.

Lexmark X264H11G X264H21G Black Compatible Toner Cartridge  for X264DN X363DN
Lexmark X26H11G/X264H21G Toners

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